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From: David Krantz (Futexture)
Date: Now
Location: Asheville, NC 
Standing in an Appalachian mountain stream in July 2017, the word Amphibelle appeared in my mind and I became engulfed by a fully formed auditory hallucination... something I'd never quite heard in real life before...

Even though I hadn't released an album in 4 years, I knew then I had to reverse engineer that moment in time and share it with you... it was just too weird not to...
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Then, in April 2018, shortly after I finished writing Amphibelle, my friend Ian contacted me to ask me if I'd be willing to help throw a benefit show to raise money for the Secoya tribe so they could buy back ancestral land they were kicked off of in the 1940's.

He had just got back from living with them in Ecuador and described to me their incredible and unparalleled connection and knowledge of the Amazon

Many of their plant medicines have never even been catalogued let alone studied by modern science...
He felt, and you might agree too, that it's a pretty unique opportunity to put some of the most critically important land on earth back in the hands of people who's main goal is to preserve and care for it. 

Returning this particular tract of land to the Secoya connects several smaller regions of conservation land into a much larger protected zone that will prevent clear cutting and oil drilling for the indefinite future.

Sometimes things just line up...
Check out the track preview video.
While I was thinking about how to release Amphibelle, Jenner, the label owner of Aquatic Collective, texted me about something totally unrelated: Would I be willing to come to the CBD hemp farm he was working on to chat with the owner about collaborating? I've spent the last few years studying health and genetics, and I specialize in understanding how people respond to cannabinoids. 

So, I said yes. I also asked him if he wanted to put out Amphibelle. He said yes.  

Well, here's the crazy part...
The owner of the CBD farm (whom I'd met years ago randomly) had ALSO been living in Ecuador with my friend Ian and working with the Secoya tribe! 

I mean, this is a small remote indigenous group that doesn't even typically have guests. What were the chances? I couldn't ignore the "coincidence"...

Things just came full circle it was just too weird not to follow my gut on...
So, we've partnered with Amazon Frontlines, who work directly with the Secoya and other tribes in the area, to donate 100% of the profits from the Amphibelle EP and accompanying physical 3D artifact so you can help protect the rainforest, provide clean water to families in Ecuador, and help restore land to the rightful indigenous owners.

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David Krantz // Futexture
P.S. : Realistically, I know that album sales don't make a ton of money. But, getting to leverage my music to actually help people feels really good. And, getting my friends on board to collab on some awesome visual art really fulfills my inner creative nerd. I love seeing what's possible when people make things together and am stoked you're into it. 
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