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Remix Album Featuring Tracks By:
Resonant Language

From: David Krantz (Futexture)
Date: Now
Location: Asheville, NC 

Standing in an Appalachian mountain stream in July 2017, the word Amphibelle appeared in my mind and I became engulfed by a fully formed auditory hallucination... something I'd never quite heard in real life before...

Even though I hadn't released an album in 4 years, I knew then I had to reverse engineer that moment in time and share it with you... it was just too weird not to...

Then, in April 2018, shortly after I finished writing Amphibelle, my friend Ian contacted me to ask me if I'd be willing to help throw a benefit show to raise money for the Secoya tribe so they could buy back ancestral land in Ecuador they were kicked off of in the 1940's.

He had just got back from living with them and described to me their incredible and unparalleled connection and knowledge of the Amazon. 
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Ian told me about how after the Secoya were taken as slaves, they eventually killed their "masters" and escaped and established a colony in the Peruvian jungle. The two parts of the tribe had no contact for roughly 60 years.

In the early 2000's, a scientist studying their plant knowledge in Ecuador had an unusual experience during a Yage (Ayahuasca) ceremony where he became telepathically connected to a tribe elder who was preoccupied with the thought of a boat. 

"Why do you keep thinking about a boat?" He asked. And the tribe elder told him there might was lost part of their tribe in Peru that could only be reached via the river. But it was only a legend...

So, that scientist, Shawn Chaffin, raised money to buy them a boat, and sure enough they found and connected with the "lost" part of their tribe. Amazing, right?

Since then, he and an organization called Amazon Frontlines have been working with the Secoya to gain legal recognition by the Ecuadorian government and reclaim their ancestral land, restoring it to people dedicated to protecting it from the surrounding oil fields, mega-scale African Palm plantations and a network of roads that accelerate illegal logging and land invasion.

Many of their plant medicines have never even been catalogued let alone studied by modern science, and both their traditional ways and the rich and important ecosystem the inhabit could be easily lost without our help.

So, not only will 100% of donations for Amphibelle Remixed go to Amazon Frontlines to directly support the Secoya...

But, even better, your donations will be DOUBLED by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, who have pledged up to $50,000 of matching funds each month this year. 

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